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Marketing online: Preparing for the fall of the Euro

It’s all over the news – the Euro is looking more precarious than ever. And even though Hollande’s election in France isn’t quite the socialist revolution that some had hoped for (he is only proposing delaying the paying off of France’s debt by one year) the Greek Crisis is fast becoming a catastrophe, with literally no political leadership, and money pouring out of the banks. And there is Spain… but let’s not even go there today. So what, I hear you ask, has this got to do with marketing online?

If you have been keeping up with the news, you will also be aware that the failure of the Euro will have a huge effect on our economy. In addition to cutting growth forecasts for the year, Sir Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England today warned that the Eurozone is “tearing itself apart” and the UK would not be “unscathed”. In other words, it looks like we are potentially heading towards the business-killing fields yet again.

For me, there is only one way to protect your business – act now to grab as much market share as you can. That’s what will save you, and that’s where marketing online comes in. Now is the time to work harder at finding and keeping new customers. Yes, I know you are working hard at that very thing. But there is always more you can do:

1. Make your website more visible than your competitors’ website.
Invest the time and/or the money to increase the visibility of the online side of your business. I’m talking about good quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). See our self-help guide on this subject or simply hire tried and tested people to do it for you – it’s worth the investment.

2. Work out how to talk to your customers.
It can be really difficult turning the words that you would like to say to your customers into clear, compelling copy that sells. Be that as it may, it is crucial that you turn your visitors into spending customers. Hire a good copywriter to do this for you… it’ll be worth every penny! Or, if you have the luxury of time, research ‘website content writing’ online. There is a tonne of good advice out there just waiting to be picked up.

3. Once you have got that new customer, make sure you keep him!
The worst thing you can do to a new customer is disappoint him. And if you don’t deliver what you said you would, you can wave him goodbye. If you are going to boost your marketing online and, therefore, your sales, it’s imperative that you have the systems to handle the increased volume. So analyse your internal processes, identify your weakest areas – whether they are human or software-based – and fix them.

This is just the basics. There is far more you can do with marketing online to increase revenues. However, you need the foundation in place before you do anything else. Get busy with it today – begin your research, call your internet company, start thinking about those processes. Believe me, there is no time like the present.

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